Highly Qualified Teacher Information

    Dear LKSD Teachers;

    Pleased find attached the following documents that provide important information related to attaining Highly Qualified status in the NCLB 'Core Academic' areas.

    1. HQ Support-- This document describes the financial support that is available to you to gain HQ status in a new content area. Please email me directly for the 'ITP' form.

    2. AK New HQ Verification form-- this form is what you submit to Personnel to document a new HQ status, after completion of the requirements. We are required to have this form on file with supporting evidence before we can add your HQ area. IMPORTANT NOTE: This form lists all of the Highly Qualified content areas recognized by the State of Alaska and will answer many questions.


    Special Education teachers: Alaska does not recognize special education as a content area. Special Education teachers should become HQ in Elementary self-contained, or if teaching exclusively at the secondary level, one or more secondary content areas.

    Elementary teachers: HQ status for elementary is achieved by taking one of the Praxis II tests (#0011 or #0014); Alaska HQ status is not attained by earned degrees.

    Secondary teachers (including MS): Typically your college major will make you HQ in the content area of certification. For additional content areas, you have the option of taking the appropriate Praxis II test or taking additional credits to become HQ in that area.

    MS teachers: If you are teaching in a 'self-contained' classroom, defined as teaching at least 3 content areas to MS students, you may wish to take the Praxis II Middle School Content test (#0146), rather than several separate tests.

    Please let me (or Carol) know if you have questions that we can help with.


    emailed: 9/13/12

    Download file "HQ Support 091112.doc"

    Download file "AK New HQ Verification form .pdf"


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