LKSD Scholarships & Employee Education Programs

    Attached are application packets for all LKSD scholarship programs. This year all applications must be completed and in the Personnel office no later than: March 30th

    Please familiarize yourself with these programs and if you have any questions, contact Chrissie Engler by phone or email. You can make as many copies as needed.

    High School Seniors/Graduates

    LKSD Board of Education Scholarship – Applications are presented to the Board of Education and they select recipients. To apply you must have completed a minimum of four semesters of study in an LKSD High School; or have graduated from an LKSD High School; or completed two years of employment with the LKSD, and be a high school graduate or equivalent. If the applicant has prior college credits, the applicant must have a minimum 2.75 grade point average (GPA). The individual must declare a major and continue in an approved education or instructional support degree program*

    Download file "LKSD Board of Education Scholarship Loan Application 15-16.doc"

    Alaska Teacher Scholarship Loan (ATSL) – Applications are presented to the Board of Education and they select nominees to b e submitted to the State of Alaska. DO NOT send application directly to the State of Alaska. In order to be eligible to apply for the Teacher Education Loan (TEL) the following requirements must be met: be an Alaska high school graduate; be enrolled or plan to enroll in a bachelor's degree program in elementary or secondary teacher education or in a teacher certification program. *

    Download file "Alaska Teacher Education Loan Application.doc"

    LKSD Employees

    TEACH PROGRAM - Currently under revision.

    * see attached application and guidelines for other requirements/qualifications

    Contact mary_noes@lksd.org / 543-4811 with questions/concerns

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