Preschool news

    Welcome to LKSD Learning Centers

    To LKSD Parents and Grandparents,

    LKSD Learning Centers are now accepting applications for the Fall of 2015 from LKSD employees. We have three classrooms located in Bethel, one located in the District Office and the other 2 in the Preschool building located just across the street.

    Our classrooms are English-speaking and serves 20 children ages 3-5 years of age on or before September 1st.. We have a full time staff of four qualified teachers who receive on-going training. Tuition is based self-paid and we also work with childcare assistance programs.

    Both Preschool’s hours are from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The tuition is based on the number of seat days in a month with a daily rate of $37. An option for LKSD employees, the monthly fee can be automatically taken out of the parent’s paycheck. Neither credit nor refunds are given for any absences.

    Click on icon below to download an application.

    • Download file "preschool registration form 2015.docx"
    • Download file "Bethelcalendar FY15"
    • Download file "Parent handbook 2015.pdf"
    • Preschool Tuition Fee $37.00 per day .
    • After School Program Fee $12.00 per day.
    • Proposed First day of school for SY16 August 12, 2015.

    State of Alaska Immunization Requirements

    Download file "IZReqPacket2010.pdf"

    Download file "parents' guide to licensed child care.pdf"