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K-100 Professional Development:

This year 2013-2014: Elementary Language Arts (ELA...) - FY14 K100s

Last year 2012-2013: FY13 K100 - StoryTown handouts, web links, etc.

StoryTown Questions? (<-- Click here.)
  • Where are the Routine Cards the TE says to use? --> Routine Cards are only on Rubicon. You can find them in every grade level under Reading Program Overview, Resources. You'll see "Routine Cards" in the title along with the grade(s) they go with. I've printed these 2 pages per sheet, then folded them before laminating. Then you can carry them around all year or keep them on a ring clip. These are teaching tips, so for those of you with a lot o' years experience you'll probably already know a lot of the tips they're giving.
  • Where are the Language Arts Transparencies I need? --> These are only available on the One-Stop Planner CD-ROM or on the ThinkCentral website.


StoryTown SmartBoard Notebook Lessons


Curriculum maps are on Rubicon-Atlas. There are quality resources on the maps. You will find necessary things on the maps that are *not in the Teacher's Editions*. Please refer to the Rubicon-Atlas map for your grade level(s) often.
Login with your name; "lksd1213" is the current default password.

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Download file "GLE Dissection Reading.xlsx" Thanks to the Science Department for this concise compilation of Grades 4-10 Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) seen in SBA tests samples! (FY12)


Art Integration with Reading
Art Integration into StoryTown Reading (including some brain theory). Presentation by Ryan Conaro and Lorrie Heagy August 9-10, 2011 during the Optional days following the DWIS 2011.

Foldables (PDFs and website links)


Some advice for fitting it all in and creative ideas for using StoryTown.
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Writing Resources 2012-2013


StoryTown District Wide In-services 2011


Yugtun teachers will need to access the *Yugtun Reading Curriculum K-6
wiki for books to print, etc.

Also the long yellow book "Quick View" (August 2012 Revised Draft) is *essential* to have. Use it as your notebook & write when you like the books or if you find better ones, etc. Send along this information to Sheila Wallace, Atan Winkleman, Cikigaq Nicolai, and Gayle Miller at any time. Revisions are ongoing and were last made Summer 2012.

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