PJ's September visit

To all those in the Direct Instruction (SRA) Initiative:

Below are the proposed visit/coaching dates for the JP Associates reading coaches. PJ will have assistance this year and share coaching visits with Omar Tabb. Omar is new to JP Associates but has extensive experience with Direct Instruction coaching and has worked in Native American communities in the Lower 48.

Don't worry PJ will be visiting/coaching at all the old sites as well as training the new sites. Most of the time PJ and Omar will split duties at a site and will travel to each site as a team (about 60% of the time).

As the dates approach I will email and post the particular dates for each site.

As always, if you have questions or concerns contact me...

Joel Williams - 907-543-4952 or joel_williams@lksd.org


Training: Nunap, Napakiak, and ME

August: 23-27

Coaching Visits:

September: 13-17

October: 18-22

November: 8-12

December: No Coaching visits


January: 10-14

February: 14-18

March: 14-18

April: 11-15

May: 2-6