State NYO in Anchorage

State Meet NYO 2011

I like to thank all the LKSD NYO participants. Along with 14 LKSD All-Stars, Bethel Warrior brothers and sisters have given all they got for three days. At the end of tough competitions, LKSD All-Stars and the 4 coaches have taken 2nd to Anchorage “A” team. Surprisingly, for the first time, our LKSD team banner prevailed by taking 1st place “Best Banner” award and thanks to Bessie Paul of Kipnuk providing motivation to our athletes. All of our LKSD brain-trusts deserve acknowledgements for they work hard as well as the contestants keeping them informed, being with them during the pre and during competition, watching out for mishaps and keeping everyone align with our expectation. Coaches: Marty Smith- Bethel, Tommy Bayayok- Bethel, Jimmy Tulik- Nightmute, Alex Joekay-Oscarville, and Eva Panruk-Chefornak. I like to thank all the village NYO coaches who worked hard to help our NYO athletes.
The two unsung heroines in related to LKSD NYO are Sharon Wegner and Mary Noes at District Office. The two are willing to take responsibility for everything including various events that most people don’t want. I salute the two for enthusiasm and involvement in most NYO.

Quyana Paul J. Paul